Tech-Dry Plasticure used at the RACV Golf Club in Torquay

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11 September 2012
Tech-Dry Plasticure used at the RACV Golf Club in Torquay

Over 1,000 litres of Tech-Dry Plasticure has been used in the new RACV Golf Club project in Torquay, Victoria in 2012.

The RACV Golf Club at Torquay has pushed the architectural boundaries of what Stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) can achieve, and has revised many industry benchmarks.

Wood Marsh Architects together with Wynward Structural Engineers engaged Earth Structures Group to assist in the design and buildability of the new project.

The building comprises five storeys, including a large hotel, golfers’ facilities, an indoor aquatic area and restaurants. In typical Wood Marsh fashion the building is elegantly grounded using simple materials such as rammed earth and massive recycled timber sections, while pushing the architectural envelope with a soaring, cantilevered fourth level that overlooks the stunning Torquay Golf Course.

The Earth Structures Group together with the builder Kane Constructions have engaged new access and delivery systems to clad the massive steel portal first and second level frame with 400 mm thick insulated stabilized earth (ISE). The third level facing the golf course is clad with a spectacular ribbon of 1800 mm deep precast stabilized earth panels.

Protecting many of the parapet SRE wall tops was a challenge. The architect preferred no fabric capping for these surfaces. Instead, the surfaces have been coated using a breathable highly water-resistant impregnation solid silane system provided by Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems.

Tech-Dry have also supplied the project with Plasticure for all the SRE walls. Plasticure is an aqueous water repellent admixture which is now a staple throughout the SRE industry. Plasticure ensures SRE walls do not suffer from efflorescence and cure more slowly, and provides a considerable water repellent component to the walls.

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