Supawood panels ensure tranquility of a hospital facility

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20 September 2011
Supawood panels ensure tranquility of a hospital facility

Supawood’s Supacoustic acoustic panels together with Supaline solid wall panels complement the peaceful atmosphere in the centre atrium of a redevelopment which is part of one of Sydney’s most famous hospitals. As this building is a state of the art mental health facility, it was essential that the interior design reflected a feeling of calm, quiet and comfort.

The Internal atrium creates a stairwell from level three up to level seven, allowing natural light to filter into the core of the building while also allowing views outside. By selecting Supawood wall panels in a pale Supacolour finish for the mix of slotted and solid panels, the designers have achieved a luminosity which opens up the area further.

The use of Supacoustic acoustic panels ensured acoustic insulation thus helping reduce the risk of the atrium being filled with unnecessary noise reflection. The clever mix of slotted wall panels with solid panels has broken up and directed visual interest to areas of the walls which otherwise could have looked very stark. The acoustic panels have therefore become an aesthetic part of the interior décor while at the same time ensuring that the whole area remains tranquil.

Once again Supawood wall panels have proven to be the perfect choice for the designers to solve both an acoustic insulation problem as well as offering a durable quality finish.

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