Strataflex is used in the harshest conditions

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23 April 2012
Strataflex is used in the harshest conditions

In any building construction, concrete itself is not watertight. As it cures, thermal movement occurs in the substrate and the concrete cracks, and so waterproofing is vital for the protection of valuable assets as well as maintaining structural integrity, durability and aesthetics.

Alpine High Country areas are renowned for failures in waterproofing because of the harsh environment where paint-on waterproofing membranes break down. The extreme changes in temperature affect the elasticity of these products causing them to become brittle, crack and then ultimately fail creating enormous headaches and on-going maintenance costs. Because of its freeze-thaw stable ability, Strataflex has recently been used in Mount Buller by Flexitray Australia, one of Melbourne’s largest waterproofing companies.

When selecting a waterproofing membrane for any hard flooring or vinyl surface it is essential to consider a number of relevant factors including:

  • Type of tile floor finishes
  • Exposure conditions of the membrane
  • Anticipated concrete substrate and joint movement
  • Ambient weather conditions
  • Durability of the membrane
  • Moisture content of the substrate
  • Time and cost of installation

One of the most critical factors listed above is the anticipated concrete substrate/joint movement and the ability of the applied membrane to bridge cracks and joints in the slab. It must be able to accommodate movement while maintaining watertight protection without causing damage to the hard flooring surface. Strataflex Waterproof Membrane System satisfies these rigorous service conditions accommodating up to 9.6mm lateral movement which is suitable for both internal and external applications. The unique structural surface ‘Stress Flex Mesh TM’ locks into the tile setting adhesive, isolating both substrate movement and thermal tile expansion providing world-leading technology in waterproofing and crack isolation performance. It is compatible with approved tile/stone setting adhesives for both commercial and domestic applications and can be tiled over immediately after installation providing enormous time and cost benefits.

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