Stick with Dunlop adhesives

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14 October 2010
Stick with Dunlop adhesives
Dunlop's new UltraBond and Tac & Peel adhesives.

Dunlop Flooring has recently released two new specially formulated adhesive to be used in combination with their Double Bond range of commercial Carpet Cushions “Dunlop DB”. Both Dunlop “Tac & Peel” and Dunlop “UltraBond” are manufactured from solvent free, low odour, water-based formulations, minimising the release of fumes and ensuring low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Dunlop Tac & Peel is specially formulated to bond selected Double Bond carpet cushions to most common interior subfloors. . Dunlop UltraBond is specially designed to bond most woven and tufted carpets to Double Bond carpet cushions. Dunlop Ultra Bond may also be used to bond Double Bond carpet cushions to most common interior subfloors.*

Australian made and packed in environmentally friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable, these new adhesives are covered by the Dunlop Guarantee.

Peelable or permanent installation?

Using Dunlop UltraBond to adhere the underlay to the subfloor and carpet to the underlay may appear to be an efficient method of installation. However, this can make it difficult to remove the underlay in the future.

Dunlop recommends using a combination of Dunlop Tac & Peel to adhere the underlay to the subfloor and Dunlop UltraBond to adhere the carpet to the underlay. Using these two products in conjunction makes for a straightforward installation, not to mention easier removal or replacement in the future.

Ultimately it’s up to you as to whether you choose a permanent installation method but it’s definitely worth giving thought to this before you get started.

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