SprungFloor by Show Works with Circus OZ

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6 December 2013
SprungFloor by Show Works with Circus OZ
Work in progress at Circus Oz.

When Circus Oz through Arts Victoria approached Show Works to assist them in the development of their new studios in Collingwood it was an offer too good to refuse. Over a period of nearly 2 years the 2 organisations have collaborated in developing a floor suited perfectly for their use. As a unique icon in the Australian Arts scene, Circus Oz presented a totally different set of requirements to those of other more conventional dance and movement companies.

Show Works worked with Circus OZ by producing a variety of options for their acrobats to choose from as the final floor surface. The level of force reduction was adjusted by quantity of EPDM pads applied per metre square and thickness of surface.

A ratio and layout of pads was agreed upon and Show Works set about working in with McCorkell Constructions to get the floor manufactured and installed on time and budget.

The project included 2 huge rehearsal spaces with challenges including creating access to sub floor tunnels,electrical and rigging points embedded in the slab

A critical choice was that of the final surface. Circus Oz play hard and the need for a durable but responsive floor surface was imperative. In the end Weathertex Impact Board was settled on for a variety of reasons. Firstly it is super tough and will withstand the beating that the Circus Oz team will mete out on it but it also is easily replaceable should long term wear and tear require it.

The installation took place in October/November 2013 This included Show Works manufacturing and installing structural steel elements to the sub-floor tunnel prior to floor installation.

The installation of the SprungFloor was a success. Good luck to Circus Oz with their new fantastic space and may they continue to thrill the public with their wonderful skills for years to come.

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