Quantifiable evidence ceiling fans improve home energy rating

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7 November 2011
Quantifiable evidence ceiling fans improve home energy rating
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Spinifex Ceiling Fans has gathered independent research from Australia and the United States showing that ceiling fans are an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to help maintain a comfortable environment in your home or work place. According to the CSIRO in ‘The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook’, “An efficient fan producing 140 cubic metres of airflow a minute typically has a power of 75 watts.” This is less than the electricity consumption of a regular light bulb and about 2% of the consumption of an equivalent air conditioner.

Research by Dr. Tony Isaacs of RMIT has quantified the benefit of ceiling fans in many of Australia’s larger cities by estimating the energy savings and approximate energy star rating improvement realised by using ceiling fans in a fairly standard 3.5 star rated house with fans in the living space and bedrooms. The following table is an extract of his research.

City Approx. energy star rating improvement % Reduction in cooling energy kWh savings* Estimated annual savings ($)*

  • Darwin 1.00 16% 5,194 $883
  • Townville 1.31 23% 3,181 $540
  • Brisbane 1.15 40% 1,472 $250
  • Sydney 0.52 36% 1,083 $184
  • Perth 0.26 11% 854 $145
  • Melbourne 0.09 20% 451 $76
  • Adelaide 0.10 9% 417 $70
  • Hobart 0.01 19% 76 $12

*Assumes 1kwh costs $0.17 and a house is 250m2 in size

Note that in cooler cities like Hobart there is a larger winter benefit achieved through the recirculation of warmer air down from the ceiling. The Cademus Group of the U.S. has estimated that ceiling fans can reduce winter heating bills by up to 15%.

Ceiling fans also work well in tandem with air conditioners, with the air conditioner chilling the air and the ceiling fan evenly circulating it around the room as well as providing a cooling breeze. The net result is that the air conditioner thermostat can be turned up by between 2°C and 4°C for the same cooling effect.

The conclusion of this research is that ceiling fans are an obvious addition to buildings looking to minimise their environmental footprint. Also with the addition of modern architecturally designed ceiling fans into the Australian market by companies such as Spinifex Fans there are a growing range of quality options to consider.

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