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21 April 2010

The Green Building Council of Australia has introduced a new PVC Credit into all Green Star building rating tools which removes the PVC Minimisation Credit attached to the use of PVC products in buildings. The new Credit instead promotes best practice PVC.

The PVC Credit comes into effect for all Green Star projects registering after 7 April 2010 and by encouraging responsible manufacturing and innovation, is expected to see a rise in the use of best practice PVC, or vinyl, products across the building sector. For projects registered before 7 April the option is to use either the old minimisation credit or the new, best practice credit.

Vinyl Council of Australia CEO, Sophi MacMillan, said that the new PVC Credit would allow builders, specifiers and architects to gain Green Star points for use of certain vinyl products that meet best practice criteria in manufacturing. For other vinyl products, the minimisation credit is eliminated.

“The previous Green Star rating tools awarded points for not using PVC products, which led to PVC being de-selected as a material of choice for building projects seeking Green Star certification.

“With the new Green Star Credit, PVC no longer attracts a ‘negative credit’ and some certified vinyl products will actually gain points toward Green Star accreditation,” Ms MacMillan said.

Under the PVC Credit, projects will be able to claim two points towards their Green Star rating if the project's flooring and resilient wall coverings, cable, pipe and conduit - which together account for the majority of PVC use in buildings - meet the Green Building Council’s Best Practice Guidelines.

The Green Building Council of Australia endorsed the new PVC Credit following a review by its Technical Steering Committee and an Expert Reference Panel and stakeholder feedback.

“This important change puts PVC on a level playing field with other building materials and follows a long and robust consultation and scientific review process,” Ms MacMillan said.

“The challenge for our industry is to ensure availability of independently verified product that meets the best practice criteria in the new Credit,” Ms MacMillan said.

“We are committed to encouraging a more sustainable PVC industry with products that improve environmental performance in the building sector.

“With the PVC Credit now finalised, the PVC industry looks forward to working with the Green Building Council and the property industry to support the implementation of the new Credit,” Ms MacMillan said.

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