Premium double glazed windows & doors made affordable

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26 September 2011
Premium double glazed windows & doors made affordable
Ensure your home has high sound & thermal insulation as part of your window system at no extra cost.

Kaptain supplies Premium Double glazed Windows & Doors, with German profiles (Kommerling), German IGU hardware, manufactured in Europe at similar prices to standard Windows & Doors.

Custom made to your specifications, our automated high tech factory enables 100% quality control, with exact mitre joints, no human error, producing these premium windows & doors at an affordable price. Kaptain provides more than just a world leading window system for your project, these windows also act as an amazing energy efficient insulation system (saving energy & on power bills) keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, with minimal assistance by heaters and/or airconditioners.

Further to the energy advantage, Kaptain Windows can reduce noise up to 70%, are aesthetically attractive (large variety of colours including Woodgrain finish), long life maintenance free, and simply one of the best window systems available in the world.

Kaptain has arrived in the Australian market with one of the best available window systems in the World at prices affordable for almost every project.


Kaptain provides high quality double glazed windows & doors, also acting as an energy efficient insulation system and greatly reducing noise. Created using world leading Kommerling profiles from Germany, fully recyclable, lead free and multi chamber.

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