Pittella shines at Bretts luxury collection launch

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21 May 2013
Pittella shines at Bretts luxury collection launch
Simone Pittella at Bretts luxury collection launch.

Last month, in Brisbane's Windsor, Bretts premium architectural range was launched. The invite-only event welcomed the introduction of luxury brands Pittella, Zuchetti, Gala and Studio Bagno to the Bretts franchise – which already houses Villeroy and Boch, Grohe, Miele, Neffe and Gaggenau within its exclusive bathroom and kitchen ranges.

The event delivered a fresh burst of new bathroom basin models – revealing both state of the art designs and unique craftsmanship. Simone Pittella of Pittella Bathroom commented ‘It’s been a while coming, but people are definitely ready for that wow-factor in bathrooms nowadays. What we’ve tried to showcase in this display is a unique and diverse range of luxury bathroom basins to today’s discerning customer. We want to provide people with something original, almost like a work of art.’

Pittella had seven basins on display, which showcased each material featured in the collection – all of which proved to be an overwhelming hit with the majority of architects and designers alike

Originality was the word on everyone’s lips, with the Ferrari red tulip flower basin and the Infinity Starlight design in black being highlights of the evening. The red tulip shaped vessel encompassed a chrome continuous flow waste alongside a Gessi XL high waste mixer top mount in chrome.

Also on display were the Opaque Black crystal (24% lead content) basin which featured a unique crystal mounting ring, whose reflections offset the basin’s dark beauty. This particular design was featured in an oval shape, also available minus the crystal mounting ring. Similarly, A wholly clear crystal basin shone under the display lights, creating a magical refractory of light next to its darker counterparts.

The sheer diversity of Pittella’s basin range was evident as the Vogue Alumix rectangular basin, married practicality with sleek design. Made from Alumix, an amalgamation of aluminium alloys had been folded and formed to create a rectangular top mount basin. Hand Painted by Florentine artisans, the surface is then lacquered and baked to produce a hard-wearing bio chromatic effect. Guests were overheard commenting on the item’s ‘sleekness’ and ‘aesthetic detail’.

On a more practical basin level sat the Kool Max Mocha ‘vetro freddo’ elliptical basin. Smooth to the touch, it embodied understated cool and would not have looked out of place in the bathroom of a boutique hotel, or elegant contemporary home.

Last but certainly not least was the mosaic basin in white. Stone-like in its appearance, the mosaic basin is actually produced from Teknoform, a polymer based material which has the capacity to mimic stone. Also available in the majestic gold, silver and copper leaf, this particular basin encompassed the pinnacle of luxury, and would serve as a stand-alone feature in even the most glamorous of bathrooms.

Throughout the evening, many guests commented on how the range was so unique and different from anything they had seen before. In relation to research and development, Simone Pittella commented ‘We wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional porcelain and ceramic on offer. Through the use of Teknoform, we were able to produce quality basins at a reduced price and weight level, while still providing the consumer with something altogether different from any other basin currently on the market.’

Simone added that while he was somewhat conservative in his basin selection he felt that from the positive response at the Bretts launch, QLD was definitely ready for more flamboyant and original colours and designs.

Pittella also had on display a door hardware stand which included the newly added collective joinery items produced in a variety of materials and designed by renowned architects. These products were equally well received, with many guests showing interest in both middle and top-end domestic products. The Antique Range made its debut at Bretts, with a feature panel showcasing a variety of aesthetics, of which the bronze handles literally shone with a slight bluish glow. The Design Range panel featured items designed by renowned architects and designers, such as David Chipperfield, Achille Castigloni and Antonio Citterio. Several interior designers praised Pittella’s current collection, and mentioned a current ‘lack of uniqueness and individuality’ in the current landscape of door hardware.

All in all the night was a huge success, with the newly build stands to remain as permanent fixtures at Bretts in Queensland. Customers can now walk into the store and gain a hands-on look at the Pittella architectural product range.

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