One Stop Safety Solutions solves school slippery floor issues

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21 October 2012
One Stop Safety Solutions solves school slippery floor issues

This public school’s management in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, had some safety concerns, about some areas of the School.These included stairs and a sloping pathway with a sharp gradient.

They contacted Global Safe Technologies Australia, whose floor safety representative attended the site to assess the situation. A comprehensive free Floor Safety Inspection report© was provided together with proposed remedial solutions and corresponding quotes.

The school had also sought for alternative quotes from other suppliers. After evaluation of the provided documentation and proposed solutions, they have decided to proceed with the best value for the money option, which was offered by Global Safe.

Global Safe proposed its worldwide successfully installed flagship product, the Safe Grip Ultimate© as an anti slip stair nosing together with the Floor Tuff Ultimate© polyurethane anti slip coating for the strongly sloping pathway. The existing paving paint was also replaced with a specified custom coloured anti slip paint on the external stairs landing and rising.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the remedial work has already been completed to the total satisfaction of the school’s management. They already indicated that further safety work is expected to be carred out during the upcoming summer school holiday.

The anti slip stair nosing provided has not only installed a Disability Standards legislation 2010 compliant and long lasting floor safety solution, but also has improved the aesthetical appearance of the stairs. The stairs are made to provide an at least 30 percent luminance contrasted nosing, which are also highly slip resistive and provide a sustainable and fully compliant, relevant AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials referred HB 197:1999 handbook specified slip resistance classification recommended values.

The remediated surfaces were then independently slip resistance tested by a NATA accredited slip resistance testing company, Safe Environments, which resulted in a high Pendulum Class V slip resistive value. This high initial slip resistance, combined with the products accelerated wear test result, will ensure that the surface slip resistance will provide a sustainable, safe and slip resistance standard compliant surface, for many years.

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