Noisy video conferencing rooms – acoustic treatment

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19 April 2013
Noisy video conferencing rooms – acoustic treatment

Sontext were recently contacted by a company that was having problems in their video conferencing room. Excessive reverberation (echo) in the room meant it was difficult for the clients or colleagues to hear speech clearly.

Speech clarity is a common problem in spaces that have been converted to video conferencing or teleconferencing rooms. Sound absorbing treatment to wall and ceiling surfaces is often required in such cases to minimise reverberation and reflected sound .

One cost effective way to overcome this problem is to install sound absorbing acoustic panels into the room. By placing Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels in the appropriate places on the walls or ceilings, the reverberation time can be reduced significantly, resulting in a significant improvement to the sound quality.

When designing a new teleconference or video conference room it is important to also consider room privacy, or noise penetrating from outside the space. Solutions include using an effective sound barrier plasterboard like Soundcheck and installing insulation in the wall cavity. To complete the acoustic treatment in the interior space itself, sound absorbing acoustic panels like Serenity Acoustic Panels are recommended. This will reduce unwanted noise and echo caused by refected sound, therefore improving sound quality for both the speaker and the listener.

Of course interior design issues also need to be considered, such as the colour or pattern of the decorative fabric facing on the acoustic panel. Sontext work with a number of acoustic fabric suppliers such as Laine Furnishings , to ensure the most stylish interior finishes are available to their acoustic panels.


Sontext markets and distributes Acoustic Panels throughout Australia and Internationally, for Reverberation Control and Sound Absorption. Products include panels suitable for both wall & ceiling linings.

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