New HANGOUT sofa

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31 January 2014
New HANGOUT sofa
HANGOUT in New 'Caribbean Shimmer' Velour.

HANGOUT is perfect for the chilled-out daydreamer. It is like a cosy place by the sea caressed by the wind where you can let your soul unwind. The patterns made by the sun rays on the water dance gentle on the sea bed. Your mind is free and your posture is relaxed. You could sit here for all eternity.

The sofa’s finely balanced “golden” sway and special upholstery technique create an intensely relaxing “hangout feel”, which intensifies into complete peace of mind when you stretch out along the sofa’s glorious 2.14 metres. The 3-seater HANGOUT sofa, with its cast aluminium feet, gives the impression of floating and has a silky-smooth texture. Its multifaceted ease is borne out of its curved, criss-crossing lines. Daydreaming has never been so easy.


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