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New double diamond trellis door

The double diamond trellis security door is the Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) newest trellis door innovation.

The double diamond security trellis door folds sideways and retracts to a fraction of its closed width.It also has a pivoting function allowing the user to hinge the door aside on a 90 degree turn.

The double diamond security door is unique in that the metal components are pitched close together such that it is not possible to reach through the door with one's hand.

Natural advantages include protection of smaller stock items from theft (such as bottles of alcohol,mobile phones and cash) while still maintaining through visibility and ventilation.

Currently being installed on a roll out of Woolworths Petrol Stations,the double diamond door is being used to protect electrical distribution and powder boards on these premises.

Also useful on fire egress applications where the use of a snib lock or lever handle on the internal is protected from tampering by the tighly woven double diamond material.

Available in white or black powdercoated finishes,these doors can be custom made to suit your application.

Posted on: 1 August 2014

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