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21 October 2016
Briton Cam-Action door closers

Allegion has launched a new range of high-quality Briton door closers specifically designed to provide industry-leading cam-action technology to meet and exceed the requirements of the healthcare, education and commercial sectors. 

The Briton Cam-Action door closer range consists of the 2700, 2300 and 2400 Series. 

In contrast to a conventional rack and pinion door closer in a slide channel application, the linear cam action principle of this easy-to-open range of door closers is extremely efficient. The initial opening force decreases very rapidly as the door opens (less than 20N).

Engineered to meet the European EN1154 Standards, the Briton Cam-Action closers are made of high-quality materials, durable components and are carefully designed to meet the strictest guidelines for performance. 

The 2700 Series surface-mounted door closers are designed for high use internal areas which require lighter operational forces. Ideally designed to cater for accessibility requirements specifically designed for people who live with disabilities, young children, or frail elderly members of the public. This closer meets the strict standards guidelines associated with the AS1428.1, opening force of less than 20N. It has an adjustable variable settings control providing strength sizes 1-5 and has a delayed action control setting as a standard feature in this product. The smooth and light action from this design ensures minimal resistance. 

The Briton 2300 Series surface mounted door closer is offered as a simplified version of the Briton 2700. It incorporates the same high efficiency cam-action as the Briton 2700 Series, providing the same exceptional ease-of-use by reducing the resistance encountered when initialising the opening of the door. This model is available in adjustable strength sizes 2-4.

The Briton 2400 Series concealed door closers incorporate the precision design of Cam-Action technology tailored to the most discreet application by fitting this closer to the inside of the top of the door and frame, leaving openings clear of visible door controls. The 2400 series provides an aesthetically pleasing solution with the additional protection from vandalism, without compromising the benefits derived from the smooth door operation with variable strength sizes 2-4. This solution is suitable for doors with a minimum thickness of 44mm.

The Briton 2300, 2700 and 2400 Series are all supplied with a discreet inline slide rail track arm design which is fully complimentary to the high efficiency Cam-Action door closer body. 

The body of the 2300 and 2700 surface mounted door closers are finished with a designer curved ‘Softline’, all-over one piece cover. Supplied in a high quality electroplated satin stainless steel finish which matches the finish of the slide channel track and arm. 

Both 2300 and 2700 Series are fire tested on all Australian Fire Core Doors in accordance with Australian Standards, refer to fire door manufacturers for approval details. 


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