New 2013 model: NAPALI by Bretz Brothers Design

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22 July 2013
New 2013 model: NAPALI by Bretz Brothers Design
Napali sectional sofa.

Napali is passion for life. Freedom and adventure.

Freedom and Flexibility

Multi-optional sofa, sectional Napali consists of only 3 basic elements: extension element (1 backrest), corner element (2 backrests) and stool. Choose between single easy chairs and/or stools, 2-seater, 3-seater, ... 10 or more seater sofas with or without arm rest, corner sectionals from 2 x 2 m up to endless, U-shaped corner sectionals with variable side lengths, cuddly playgrounds, even a day bed. Basic elements, seat, back and additional cushions may be rearranged and/or combined in a new way anytime.

Relax and Chill

Napali is a place to chill and lounge, a very comfortable playground for grownups and – of course – for children. The extraordinary resetting force of the seat and back cushions ensure an overwhelming seating comfort.

Seat & back cushions: multiple compartment systems with a high volumetric weigh cold foam core, surrounded by a luxurious composition of small foam rods and fiberballs.

Back cushion and seat cushion covers are removable.

"We wanted to create a three dimensional dream that brings motion into space. A piece of art that does not appear static like white-bread sofas, cynosure of all eyes. A humorous, liberating journey that makes you feel groovy. Napali is like relaxing on a palm tree jungle beach”, says Norbert Bretz, who arrived at Napali coast valley, Hawaii after a 10 hour backpacked hike across the cliffs where he spent some of his best days ever with his tent and hammock 20 years ago.


A leading European manufacturer of designer furniture. The masters of Bretz couture blend craftsmanship with passion, quality with imagination, tradition with avant-garde.

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