Murano acoustic ceiling panels installed in Melbourne Airport

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25 July 2011
Murano acoustic ceiling panels installed in Melbourne Airport

Murano Sontrend Acoustic Ceiling Panels have been installed in two key areas of Melbourne International Airport at Tullamarine. In the Baggage reclaim area Carousel no 5 and in the Duty Free sales area.

Murano Sontrend by Sontext was chosen because of its exceptional fire and moisture resistance properties. Working with Designinc of Melbourne and the Federal Airports Corporation, Sontext developed this new product to meet the highest of specifications. The acoustic design was provided by Marshall Day Acoustics of Melbourne.

The Murano Acoustic panels were manufactured from a unique substrate which met international fire standards, that could be perforated to the designers choice to meet very high sounds absorbing requirements. The acoustic ceiling panel was backed with a factory applied acoustic membrane as well as the acoustic insulation. This not only provided high noise reduction but provided air flow movement through the ceiling panels.

Unique Paint Finish

The Murano Sontrend Acoustic Ceiling Panels were finished in a Silver Metallic Auto-finish that had to be durable and also have significant aesthetic appeal. The colour choice was critical as it was designed to match existing Silver Metal ceilings, so by working with the Sontext paint supplier and Architectural team at DesignInc of Melbourne the final choice was selected. In the Duty Free area the Ceiling Panels were painted white and installed into a conventional ceiling grid utilising the tegular edge of the Sontrend Ceiling Tile.

Murano Acoustic Ceiling Panels are also available in a range of other substrates

  • MDF
  • Plasterboard
  • High Impact Board
  • Environmentally friendly Ecoboard

Sontext markets and distributes Acoustic Panels throughout Australia and Internationally, for Reverberation Control and Sound Absorption. Products include panels suitable for both wall & ceiling linings.

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