Low maintenance flooring for a tough situation

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7 November 2011
Low maintenance flooring for a tough situation
Plus Floor - Fired from the Contemporary range.

The Havwoods name is synonymous with wood flooring, but we've found a product which has impressed even us!

Vinyl flooring is tough, durable and highly resistant to damage so it is ideal for commercial applications. But laying a vinyl floor takes care: if the subfloor is less than perfect then so are the results. So if you could marry vinyl flooring with an engineered board it would provide the perfect flooring solution. We have it in Plusfloor.

It's easy to see why vinyl floors are so popular for use in commercial situations: impact resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant and easy to maintain, vinyl appears to tick all the boxes. But glue down vinyl in sheets and tiles is neither quick nor simple to fit, and if the subfloor is anything less than perfect then so is the finished floor. Engineered wood planks with a Uniclic tongue and groove are much quicker and easier to lay and do not demand perfection, so we put the two together and called it Plusfloor: a Uniclic tongue and groove flooring plank which offers all the advantages of vinyl flooring, but with benefits.


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