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Locker Group’s range of perforated metal patterns offer an array of options for any application. Locker Group can custom manufacture to your specifications, with almost any hole size and shape available in a variety of materials.

To add to the visual impact of the Ivory Apartments in NZ, the designers specified Pic-Perf panels perforated to create a fern leaf design. They can also be used to improve privacy and offer sun protection to rooms behind them. Pic-Perf is a very versatile product that can also be used for a number of other purposes. Pic-perf can be overlaid on glass to provide a sunscreen or to improve privacy without blocking light into a building. As well as being used as a decorative feature on a building, the panels can also be made into gates and other practical products.

The depth in the Locker Group range ensures a solution is available in either expanded, perforated metal or woven wire mesh. In addition Locker Group can often tailor a solution to meet the application and budget requirements of the project.

Posted on: 23 July 2010

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