Limitless and versatile: Sectional CLOUD 7 Sofa

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26 September 2013
Limitless and versatile: Sectional CLOUD 7 Sofa
Cloud 7 consisting of 3 sections.

CLOUD 7 attracts by the asymmetrical composition of lines that connect us with the depth of each room. Like in a space-time continuum, there is no single (NOT A SINGLE!) right angle and no common plan which would remind us of the usual daily routine.

Cloud 7 sectionals are ideal building blocks for almost limitless artful sofas. The design of the Bretz Cloud 7 transcends the traditional approach to sectional lounge design proposing bizarre, dynamic structures of furniture pieces. With a variety of sectionals in length and depth, the lounge can be turned into anything from a 1.5- seater to a classical corner solution or from a circle-like sofa to a conference row seating arrangement! Like all other Bretz models, CLOUD 7 is also available in 340 exciting upholstery selections.

Foundation: Sound wooden structure. Seat: complex metal spring suspension with horizontal “Nosag” + vertical “Bonnel” spring system. Back: elastic straps. Seat and back on top: A luxurious, super-soft long lasting multi-layer, made-to- measure cold foam composition and cosy polyester fleece.

“Let yourself stretch out, relax, and let your imagination run wild. Those seeking the world’s most comfortable and communicative sofa must apply, ”

– Norbert Bretz.


A leading European manufacturer of designer furniture. The masters of Bretz couture blend craftsmanship with passion, quality with imagination, tradition with avant-garde.

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