Keep on top of trends in commercial bike storage

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17 May 2013
Keep on top of trends in commercial bike storage

Liking Bike Storage’s Facebook page is a great way to get a snapshot of developments in the bicycle parking and cycle infrastructure fields, nationally and internationally.

As bicycles are increasingly being used as a commuting mode globally, architects, developers, governments and builders are having to broaden their knowledge about what makes for successful bicycle storage.

Bike Storage is about more than bike racks

It’s no longer just about installing a few bike racks. It’s about ensuring that the racks support the bicycle in two places and provide multiple locking points for the frame and wheels of the bicycle. Bike racks also need to follow correct spacing to allow for ease of access. Secure bicycle cages are fast replacing standalone and expensive bike lockers as a high security and more affordable bike parking solution. Commercial bicycle pumps are an example of another trend in bicycle infrastructure that is value adding for cyclists.

Australian Standards for bicycle parking

Many people aren't aware that there are Australian Standards covering bicycle storage. Australian Standard AS2890.3 covers bicycle parking facilities and gives guidance on issues that can either make or break a bike storage area in a workplace, school or transport hub. The standards cover concepts like spacing, aisle width, placement, visibility, security, lighting. This standard is currently under review.

Bike Storage is continuously innovating its Australian Standards compliant bicycle racks and bike cages, and setting the benchmark in the bicycle parking industry.

As industry leaders you can be sure you’ll be up with the trends by visiting our blog, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. designs & installs bike racks, bicycle cages, sheds & end of trip goodies across Australia. We are specialists in this area and provide a one stop shop service for all your bicycle parking needs. Our work is fully compliant.

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