Introducing free concept model and render service for architects

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16 December 2010
Introducing free concept model and render service for architects

For the past decade, Arden Architectural Staircases has created dimensionally accurate concept models as a way to visually engage with its clientele. The company is now offering a free version of this service to architects and designers who want 3D photo-realistic renderings of their own designs.

Arden’s renderings aid architects not only in creating engrossing client presentations, but also in forestalling potential manufacturing or installation issues. By utilizing exact dimensions and material specifications, Arden’s renderings address the precise details of the design, and help ensure compliance with Australia’s building codes.

These technically vetted renderings are based on Arden’s hands-on experience with hundreds of physical staircase installations. The firm is able to rapidly identify and solve real-world building issues while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Depending on the complexity of the individual rendering and technical input, architects are requested to specify Arden in the design plans as either the preferred or nominated supplier. Interested designers should contact Arden for specific details.

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