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Architects who are designing specialised construction projects such as Health Care, Aged Care and Child Care facilities can now specify the one plasterboard lining solution that satisfies a broader range of performance requirements.

Gyprock EC08™ Complete is a low VOC, fire and acoustic rated plasterboard that has been specifically formulated to provide the additional benefits of impact, moisture and mould resistance. All performance characteristics of Gyprock EC08™ Complete have been tested to meet or exceed stringent standards.

For Green Building projects, the board is certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) to the GECA 04-2011 Panel Boards Standard and meets the standards required for Green Star Points in the rating tools.

Renee Bailey, Gyprock Product Manager, believes that the combination of performance characteristics is unique to Gyprock EC08™ Complete in a number of ways.

“No other Australian manufactured plasterboard offers the broad range of performance characteristics of Gyprock EC08™ Compete. This new product delivers in the areas that are most important in these specialised construction projects, while retaining all of the proven benefits of Gyprock plasterboard that the industry respects,” says Renee.

Renee believes that one of the most important advances in EC08™ Complete is in the area of mould resistance.

“We manufacture with a highly effective mould inhibitor and both the board’s surface and core effectively prevent the growth of mould. No other wall lining material available in Australia achieves a better result in the ASTM G-21 test for mould growth than EC08™ Complete.”

“Another important requirement in many commercial environments is impact resistance, which is ano ther area where EC08™ Complete shines, meeting the Australian standards for both soft body and hard body impact performance. Add fire, acoustic and moisture performance with GECA certification and you have a plasterboard lining solution that ticks all the boxes,” Renee added.

Posted on: 21 September 2012

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