Giant petal sculptural forms to guide visitors at designEX

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1 April 2010

Entry installation explores the possibilities in stretch ceiling product design

designEX is excited to stretch the boundaries with a new installation bringing to life the gateway to this year’s event at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on 22–24 April.

Called ‘Outstretched’, the installation is a collection of huge floor-to-ceiling petal forms that are individually shaped and assembled as vivid, glossy, free form structures to welcome visitors. A collaboration between Sydney Stretch Ceilings and DesignInc, the feature demonstrates the phenomenal flexibility of French stretch ceiling product, Barrisol.

Marc Ryan from Sydney Stretch Ceilings says Barrisol is a recyclable PVC membrane that is suspended by a lightweight perimeter track, allowing for a multitude of uses beyond ceilings.

“You can curve it, backlight it, print on it, suspend it – it’s such a lightweight system that applications are really endless for residential, maritime and especially commercial projects with its acoustic and illuminative properties,” he said.

The most creative example is the recent digital origami tiger sculptural installation designed by LAVA that featured at Sydney’s Custom House for Chinese New Year. At 2.5 m by 7 m each the, tigers weighed just 200 kg and were a striking sight in backlit vivid orange.

“‘Outstretched’ is a forest, a web, a canopy of light,” said designer Brett Sherson of DesignInc.

“It is a unique transformation of the surface through tension, individually and collectively conceived, so that visitors can step through and experience another world.”

Sydney Stretch Ceilings and DesignInc have also collaborated on the casual lounge project at MLC’s North Sydney Campus in 2009.

Barrisol is available in Australia from Sydney Stretch Ceilings in more than 130 colours and 10 different finishes. View (Sydney Stretch Ceilings)[] on Selector to learn more.

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