Exclusive to Artedomus new Le Pietre Incise claddings collection

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10 July 2012
Exclusive to Artedomus new Le Pietre Incise claddings collection
Model: virgola. Design: Raffaello Galiotto

Light and matter games, intriguing optical effects characterize these astonishing stone claddings.

Lithos Design presents Le Pietre Incise collection, a series of fascinating claddings exploring the infinite potentialities of stone materials, which are interpreted in a masterly manner by means of different decorations, curva-tures at the cutting edge of technological potentialities and, in some cases, associated with light, which becomes part and parcel of the wall itself.

The elaborate textures of Le Pietre Incise collection are intended to give movement and depth to the wall, and are created on stone slabs which can be flat or designed to be curved. The combination of wide curves, elegant decorations and beams of light transforms the wall into a real contemporary design expression. The very high technological level reached by the Com-pany, together with the research and the development of a design study perfectly integrating with an industrial production process, allows the Com-pany to optimize the use of stone materials.

Le Pietre Incise collection is composed of 12 different models, and pro-posed in a wide range of stones. For 6 of these models (Seta, Fondo, Giza, Quadro, Tratto, Favo) Lithos Design offers also two types of complements: Curve and Curve Luce. The first ones are sinuous curved stone slabs providing an effect of movement and three-dimensionality. The second ones add spotlights to the curved wall depth, thus creating real luminous walls.

The modules of Le Pietre Incise collection have a standard size of cm 60x60. The thickness varies according to the product typology: 2 cm for the claddings of Le Pietre Incise collection, 14 cm for Curve and Curve Luce complements. All the collection models and surfaces are modular, enor-mously increasing creative freedom and application possibilities for archi-tects and interior designers.


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