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The new site is designed to work with a wide variety of smartphones.
The new site is designed to work with a wide variety of smartphones.

Dulux has launched a trade specific version of its mobile website, making it easier and more convenient for professional painters, builders, specifiers and architects to use while on the go.

Dulux Marketing Manager - Trade Customer Marketing Group, Steve Barnard, said as more and more SMEs and professional painters are using mobile devices to help their day-to-day tasks, the mobile website is just as handy as a good set of paintbrushes.

“We’ve seen a movement within the industry towards the adoption of mobile devices to assist with everyday business, hence the development of a mobile specific website for trade.

“The mobile website is a quick and easy way for users to find an overview of Dulux products and colours or a trade store locator, which are handy tools for most professional painters,” Barnard explains.

Other key features of the mobile website include a professional problem solver and a news and promotions function to keep the industry informed on the latest products, research and developments from Dulux Trade.

Statistics show that 20 per cent of traffic is from customers accessing the website from mobile devices.

The new site is designed to work with a wide variety of smartphones, including iPhones, Android smartphones and BlackBerrys. Users are automatically directed to the mobile website when visiting from a smart phone.

Dulux is also in the process of developing a trade specific app, which will allow users to generate quotes, complete invoicing and a host of other activities. The app is due to launch later this year.

To find out more about Dulux Trade, visit or from a mobile device, selecting the ‘trade’ tab.

Posted on: 6 July 2012

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