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12 March 2010

Friday 12 March 2010: The Australian Government’s new State of Australian Cities 2010 report will support the property and construction sector’s drive to sustainability, says the nation’s leading green building group.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has welcomed the release of the report, which Chief Executive Romilly Madew says will be used to help shape the development of the GBCA’s new Green Star – Communities environmental rating tool.

“State of Australian Cities 2010 identifies a range of issues underpinning key urban challenges. We now have an opportunity to ensure Green Star – Communities aligns with the core urban planning issues outlined by the Australian Government,” Ms Madew says.

The report finds that Australia’s city dwellers are faced with significant challenges such as population growth and demographic change, transport congestion, living affordability, infrastructure development, productivity growth, climate change and ecological sustainability.

The Australian Government’s report comes just weeks after the release of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council’s Cities for the future report, which found that transport-related greenhouse gas emissions in Australian cities will increase by almost 50 per cent within thirty years, with travel times expected to increase by a quarter.

“Decisive action is required to ensure Australia’s cities are sustainable, affordable and liveable well into the future,” Ms Madew says. “This is why the GBCA, together with partner VicUrban, is driving the Green Star – Communities project to guide the development of sustainable communities around Australia.”

The first stage of the Green Star – Communities project, a framework which establishes an independent, national language of sustainable development, was launched at the Green Cities 2010 conference in February. The second stage of the project, the development of the Green Star – Communities tool, will commence in June.

“The technical working group overseeing the tool development will assess how the key issues outlined in the State of Australian Cities 2010 report can inform the credits we develop for the Green Star – Communities tool,” Ms Madew explains.

“The report emphasises that stronger, more sustainable and more liveable Australian cities mean a stronger Australian economy and an enhanced lifestyle for all Australians. Working together to improve the sustainability of our cities is in the best interests of all Australians,” Ms Madew concludes.

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