CLOUD 7 BED by Martina Münch & Bretz Brothers Design

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19 July 2013
CLOUD 7 BED by Martina Münch & Bretz Brothers Design
Space Château on Cloud 9.

A kaleidoscope of modern design and lightness with a touch of humour. The futuristic graphic language of the CLOUD 7 design was refined by enlightened surrealism. Optical space seems to deepen through the cassette-like upholstery of the CLOUD 7 BED making the art piece avant-garde in a modern way but smooth and gentle at the same time.

“I wanted to create a three dimensional dream. A journey in the bedroom filled with humour. A futuristic bed, in which you feel light as a feather and free as if on cloud 9. Quite contrary to other beds, the CLOUD 7 BED does not appear static but rather brings movement into space. It`s like dreaming yourself away in your favourite song- but in 3D. Music, that you can let yourself fall into, that absorbs you and sends you to a far away universe”, - says designer Martina Münch, a creator of the perfect complement to Bretz Brothers’ famous CLOUD 7 upholstery design - the CLOUD 7 BED.


A leading European manufacturer of designer furniture. The masters of Bretz couture blend craftsmanship with passion, quality with imagination, tradition with avant-garde.

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