Cheval Blanc Randheli takes opulence to a new level with apaiser

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24 April 2014

Elegant, refined and the epitome of island luxury barefoot living, Cheval Blanc Randheli is born from the creativity of celebrated architect Jean-Michel Gathy and features apaiser’s popular freestanding Haven stone bath in its exquisite villas.

Cheval Blanc is the luxury hospitality brand developed by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) Hotel Management, a specialist entity of the LVMH Group that has taken opulence to a completely new level. The graphic architecture is complemented by stylish interior design furnished with materials from the Indian Ocean and natural textures – teak, rattan, bamboo, thatch, stone and coconut shell.

Central to the bathing experience and sense of pure indulgence, exemplified by this stunning resort, is apaiser’s organic Haven bath.

A statement in minimalism, with organic flowing curves, the apaiser freestanding Haven bath offers a true sanctuary in stone for this island paradise. It generates a powerful statement and lends itself to a broad range of settings, with the flexibility of creating a stunning feature piece, or adapting to the existing assets of the bathroom. Available in a variety of standard sizes – small 1550 mm length, 1760 mm length, 1800 mm length – the Haven bath can also be customized to any size with endless external finish design options.

apaiser is an award winning Australian international bathware designer and manufacturer specializing in hand finished stone composite bathware that is synonymous with luxury and renowned for its natural organic feel and sculptural lines. Designed to transform the bathroom into a sanctuary, apaiser exudes an understated and graceful elegance that makes it a perfect addition to the luxury and hospitality industries. It’s no wonder that apaiser stone bathware is the bathware of choice for leading designers, hotels and high end resorts across the world with its low maintenance material and luxurious finish. LVMH Hotel Management has complete ownership of the brand; its direction, design, service and management, led by its own, dedicated in-house team. Great attention has been given to the sleek design and synergy with the island’s natural surroundings, lush vegetation and lagoon views.

Contemporary yet stylish, refined and sophisticated, apaiser is the perfect accompaniment to modern architecture and traditional inspirations of this opulent resort.

You can find more images of apaiser's gorgeous Haven bath at the Cheval Blanc Randheli here.


Bathroom designer and manufacturer apaiser produces unique, handcrafted, reclaimed marble stone composite bathware including baths, basins and vanities.

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