Bosch unveils innovation in sustainable water heating

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6 July 2010
Bosch unveils innovation in sustainable water heating
The 6-star energy-rated Bosch 32C.

Bosch Hot Water has unveiled an innovation in sustainable water heating for large homes and commercial projects, with the release of the ‘Bosch 32C Commercial Condensing’ system. Featuring 'condensing technology', the 6-star energy-rated Bosch 32C is the only one of its kind on the market and is the most energy-efficient continuous flow commercial water heater available.

Unlike traditional hot water systems, Bosch’s new condensing technology captures waste heat from exhaust gas and uses it to preheat incoming cold water. The effect is an energy saving of up to 16%, compared to a standard continuous flow (instantaneous) system.

The condensing process delivers thermal efficiency of 94% and above, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to any other method of gas water heating. This peak operating efficiency is particularly notable when compared with traditional gas storage (tank) systems, which commonly deliver only 60% efficiency.

National Commercial Manager for Bosch, James Smith, said the cost advantages and environmental benefits of the technology had set a new benchmark for the industry.

“Choosing a condensing system is equivalent to taking one-and-a-half cars off the road for an entire year, saving tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and major dollars in terms of running costs*,” he said.

He said the new Bosch 32C gave builders, architects, hydraulic consultants and plumbers the opportunity to meet and exceed the Australian Building Code Board’s latest energy efficiency provisions, while reducing environmental impact and energy costs.

The Bosch 32C is designed for both domestic and commercial use, where there is demand for large volumes of hot water. As well as large (three or more bathroom) homes, it is ideally suited to locations such as apartment buildings, sporting venues, caravan parks, shower blocks, hotels, cafes and restaurants, commercial kitchens, wineries, dairy farms, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, abattoirs, factories, pool heating and mining operations.

It is the only true commercial unit on the market and the only continuous flow system able to be installed internally or externally. It can run up to 16 to 20 hours per day, producing a flow rate of 32 litres per minute with gas consumption of 217 MJ/hr.

The Bosch 32C can be installed as a single unit, manifolded or in combination with storage, and is compatible with solar hot water and warm water return systems.

Optional temperature controllers (up to three) can be fitted, offering fingertip water temperature control.

The unit is available in 37°C to 85°C temperature range (without temperature controllers), 37°C to 80°C temperature range (with temperature controllers), or 50°C locked.

The equivalent domestic condensing model, the ‘Bosch 26eco+’, with a 6.9-star energy rating, was recently named the GreenPlumbers ‘Product of the Year’ (2009), demonstrating the superior ecological benefits of the Bosch condensing range.

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