Bolon presents Artisan: High-tech craftsmanship

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18 January 2011
Bolon presents Artisan: High-tech craftsmanship

Bolon has drawn its inspiration for Artisan from craftsmanship of the past and has fused together the small-scale creativity with the opportunities presented by today’s technologies. This has resulted in a new collection of floor coverings with unique style and unique properties. For the first time, Bolon is now able to offer the highest wear rating in combination with a discernible textile feel. The new collection – the future alternative to textile floor coverings - will be launched during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2011.

“The Industrial Age brought with it a higher level of quality, less margin for error and lower prices, but also standardised expressions and a loss of creative freedom. We wanted to reach back to the fun, spontaneity and dynamism and combine it with the technical potential of our new machinery, to make unique flooring accessible again,” explains Marie Eklund, Design and Marketing Manager at Bolon.

This latest collection is manufactured using a new proprietary-developed fibre with a look that varies to create a living floor with a pronounced textile character. Artisan has been specially developed for large, high-traffic areas and is available as standard rolls or tiles. It is also available in unique pattern combinations through the Bolon StudioTM concept. The colour range of the collection reflects the world of the craftsman, from burnt clay and dark blue ultramarine to smoked red wax. The collection also contains two expressive striped designs.

Behind the scenes: Artisan’s visual concept

The collection’s visual concept is based on a ballerina who has been photographed while dancing. The photograph has been divided into different colour fields with each part representing the eight different products in the new Bolon collection. The photograph was enlarged to create a gigantic puzzle which was then cut into about 300 pieces using Bolon’s new cutter. Working in an abandoned industrial building, six floor fitters then helped with the next stage to produce a 20 x 16 metre mosaic work of art in the form of a floor. The entire project from start to finish was captured for eternity on film (

“We haven’t contacted any book of records, but this is probably the world’s largest mosaic work of art made of a woven flooring material. Consider it an open invitation to all creators across the globe to surpass us,” exclaims Annica Eklund, CEO of Bolon.

Following last year’s initiative to use a renewable plasticizer, Bolon is now taking a further step in its environmental programme and is investing in an expansion in its production aimed primarily at using as much waste and recycled material as possible in its products. The focus for the Artisan collection has been on achieving the highest possible wear rating. This means an extended life and subsequently a contribution to a sustainable society.

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