Bike Wall bike racking system saves space, time and money

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13 February 2013
Bike Wall bike racking system saves space, time and money
Bike Wall makes it easy to park bikes and save space.

Bike Wall has been developed to make it as easy as possible to specify vertical bike racks in a building where there is limited space and flexibility is important.

Bike Wall is Australian standards compliant and because it cleverly incorporates the bike rack and railing it is much cheaper than other bike rack storage systems on the market. It's a product exclusive to and patented. We designed it with all our bike storage experience in mind to make it as easy as possible for architects, designers, developers and builders to provide a funky, user friendly and great value for money system.

This vertical rack bike parking system is cyclist friendly so your vertical bicycle racks will deliver what they are meant to.

Bike Wall is:

  • flexible can be adjusted to meet most settings
  • easy to install. Do it yourself or we can install for you
  • the best value product on the money
  • locally designed, manufactured from quality Australian steel and with quality Australian finishing
  • unique and patentend

Watch a video of Bike Wall here:

Call 1800 856 610 now for more info or visit designs & installs bike racks, bicycle cages, sheds & end of trip goodies across Australia. We are specialists in this area and provide a one stop shop service for all your bicycle parking needs. Our work is fully compliant.

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