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The application of Austech External Building Products’ Screen In A Box has been regularly used residentially around the home but is becoming increasingly widespread in commercial applications such as shopping centres, pubs, clubs and industrial sites. The growth of this product is largely due to the clean, modern appearance and protection the Screen In A Box provides, along with its superior strength, thus creating a more visually pleasing look and adding value to your business. Aluminium screening is a more durable and reliable alternative, making it ideal for commercial development where little maintenance is important.

Screen In A Box has almost limitless applications. Anywhere where you need fencing, screening or added privacy you can use Screen in a Box, including:

  • Fencing Between Columns
  • Area Dividers
  • Screen Off Unsightly Areas\Sunscreens
  • Privacy Screens
  • Pool Fencing & Screening
  • Gates
  • Rubbish Bin Screens

There are countless characteristics to the Screen In A Box which make this product ideal for many DIY enthusiasts and handy man alike. Most importantly there is no welding required, it will not break , warp or fade and can be put together easily on site. The Screens can also be cut down and altered to fit easily into most spaces.

This is a very cost effective and unique ways to cover up those disorderly areas we don’t want people to see or even just add life to a dull area. Austech provides 4 standard sizes, but also provides a cut to size service to cater for all needs, with three standard powder coated colours and a Western Red Cedar finish available. All of our panels come with a 7 year guarantee.

Visit Screen In A Box to learn more about the product or make an enquiry to the Austech Staff. Screen In A Box is also available on the Austech Online Store for a discounted price.

Posted on: 16 July 2012

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