As the saying goes, the writing is on the wall

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22 November 2011
As the saying goes, the writing is on the wall

Perhaps nowhere is this more telling than in a hotel. Accommodation with a sincere appreciation for art, a genuine care for detail and a true regard for aesthetic will never over-look a wall, will it?

And so it was when Diamant Hotel, the on-trend sister to inner Sydney’s Park8 Hotel, decided to undergo a soft refurbishment. 8Hotels Area General Manager Marije Kleverlaan and Interior Designer Connie Alessi were adamant that Diamant was to be stylishly indulged from ceiling, to floor, to wall.

Thrilled with the photographic artworks from their previous work at Park8, the client once again approached Visual Resource to capture the spirit of Kings Cross. A total of 76 artworks were requested for hanging throughout the hip establishment. Creatively, Diamant Hotel was looking for images that would speak of the architectural bones of Kings Cross in a way reminiscent of New York City depictions... The contemporary boutique strips blurred by bohemian ambiance, the whisper of a gritty, raw urban chapter in Australian history that might or might not be closed, all fused together in a thoroughly modern, pulsating and confident feel that was inimitably The Cross; all this was to be captured and on show at Diamant.

A Visual Resource photographer explored the creative nooks and urban crannies of Kings Cross from dawn til nightfall, sensitively capturing this character-plus part of Sydney with black and white images. Once a selection had been made by the client, the Visual Resource team then responded with a complete creative solution, overseeing development, finishing and delivery.

The black and white images imbue Diamant Hotel’s effortless cool; they speak of the Hotel’s home surrounds in a way that shuns the limelight, but nonetheless commands attention. This is particularly important for Visual Resource, as Toni Collins explains.

“We knew Diamant Hotel attracted a very discerning clientele – architects, designers; creative souls that are seduced and delighted every day by quality workmanship. We had these people in mind throughout the overall process, as we knew they would appreciate a more sophisticated subtlety.

“Also, right from the start these artworks were going to have a strong presence and stature given their size alone (1.2m x 1m). It was important to temper this in a way so they became more of an undercurrent to the overall interior design; quiet impact can be very powerful,” says Toni.

As Marije concludes:

“People fall in love with the area partly because it is so authentically lived-in. These artworks take a moment of that life in motion and place it on our walls. In a world that is increasingly homogenous, it is important people feel a sense of place”.

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