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22 November 2012
ARTPanel ceiling at Rosetta Ristorante.

Sontext worked with the Interior Architect to solve a potentially serious sound reverberation problem in the private dining room of Neil Perry's Rosetta Ristorante, a recent world-class addition to Melbourne's Crown Casino complex. Neil Perry is one of Australia's leading and most influential chefs and is founder of the successful Rockpool Restaurant Group.

A unique and innovative acoustic solution

The restaurant walls of Rosetta were lined with hard surfaces like marble, and the designers (Burley Katon Halliday) were aware that there was potential for reflected sound to seriously affect diners' comfort. The solution was unique and innovative: the ceiling was lined with ARTPanel, manufactured by Sontext.

ARTPanels are fabric-faced, 50 mm thick Acoustic Panels. The fabric face of ARTPanels can be digitally printed with high-resolution photographic images – in this case an image of the actual marble used elsewhere in the interior space (see right side photo). The result is a high performance, sound absorbing surface that is visually difficult to pick from the real marble. An added benefit of the ARTPanel ceiling, as the image shows, is the ability to easily incorporate building services and penetrations, such as sprinklers, sound systems, etc.

ARTPanel features

  • High sound absorption. NRC 1.0 at 50mm thick (varies with panel thickness).

  • Fabric face can be digitally printed with custom images or logos.

  • Panel sizes can be made to order.

  • Impact resistant membrane installed under the fabric face.

  • Suitable for installation on walls or ceilings.

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Sontext markets and distributes Acoustic Panels throughout Australia and Internationally, for Reverberation Control and Sound Absorption. Products include panels suitable for both wall & ceiling linings.

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