Art in action at Park8 Hotel

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8 September 2011
Art in action at Park8 Hotel
Custom artworks prepared by Visual Resource for Park8 Hotel.

How do you picture Sydney? Stunning harbour vistas, sun-drenched sandy beaches and fast-paced city life all usually spring to mind.

Yet for trendy Park8 Hotel, it was the calm botanic oasis of nearby Hyde Park that served as a natural muse for the boutique interior design. Think lush green carpet, textured wallpaper, and artisan stools inspired by gracious tree branches, all executed with a sleek sophistication fitting a hip hotel in a world-class city.

Working alongside interior designer Connie Alessi of Archemy, and with the attentive creative direction of owner Paul Fischmann, Visual Resource was commissioned to add the finishing touches to Park8 Hotel with a series of photographic artwork.

The result: black and white images that truly bring Hyde Park from outside in. Moody and elegant, there is a whisper of darkness and drama in several of the botanic scenes, taking them beyond a parkland journey and into a more edgy Sydney experience.

“Originally we were leaning towards a collection of images from parks around the world, but it did not take us long at all to realise everything we needed in terms of creative inspiration was literally right on our doorstep.

“The moment we saw the bespoke collection from Visual Resource, we knew instantly we had made the right decision. They managed to somehow capture the calm dignity, the majestic splendour, and that fine wedge of darkness that is the soul of Hyde Park,” said Marije Kleverlaan, area general manager Eight Hotels.

“Guests complement us on the artwork, and then appreciate them even more when they realise the images are all from within Hyde Park. Embracing our local heritage and the immediate surrounding beauty adds to Park8’s inimitable charm. For global travellers, capturing and embracing this local essence is so important – it’s part of why they visit in the first place!” said Paul Fischmann, director Eight Hotels.

The three-way collaboration between 8 Hotels, Archemy and Visual Resource proved incredibly rewarding. Visual Resource provided alternative, cost-effective supplier quotes and assumed full responsibility for the production of works, thus allowing Archemy to focus expertise on other design elements.

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