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27 November 2013
The contemporary NEST range.

Bathroom sculpture and nature intertwine with the new eco-sensitive NEST range, the latest addition to apaiser’s luxury stone bathware collection.

The elegant bath, counter top and free-standing basins have been carefully designed to evoke the nurturing form of a bird’s nest, transforming the bathroom into a beautiful, tranquil sanctuary.

Designed in Melbourne and lovingly hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans, the hand-etched process creates a smooth, textured surface. The distinctive external etching is reminiscent of intertwined twigs, while the seamless organic shape is enveloping, creating an opulent and therapeutic bathing experience.

NEST is truly at one with nature, continuing apaiser’s commitment to delivering superior and high performance bathware that is respectful to the environment. As with all apaiser bathware, NEST is carefully manufactured using reclaimed sustainable ingredients in the form of crushed marble and has the highest level of natural stone content in the market. The unique hand-finishing process minimises carbon output during production, ensuring low environmental impact.

Available in a selection of custom finishes, NEST by apaiser can be customised to any pattern or design, with or without the nest etching.

The contemporary NEST range is available at apaiser’s flagship Melbourne showroom (344 Burnley Street, Richmond) and available Australia wide and globally.


Bathroom designer and manufacturer apaiser produces unique, handcrafted, reclaimed marble stone composite bathware including baths, basins and vanities.

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