Altro Suprema – 12 new colours to inspire

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18 April 2016
Altro Suprema – 12 new colours to inspire

Altro Suprema is losing the II from its name but gaining 12 new colours including three ‘flake’ designs. Altro Suprema has been developed in consultation with colour consultants, architects and end users to create an up to date palette. Ideal for education and front of house applications, one of its 40 shades will match the mood you want to create.

Imagine a world without colour! Colour is nature, colour is inspiring and colour is the future of design. With Altro Suprema's new range you will be able to create designs that inspire.

With the inclusion of Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology, combined with the scope of the range, enables the choice of colour to become a decisive factor when specifying safety flooring.

Delve into the range to create visually stimulating colour-themed designs or instructive way-finding, all whilst maintaining the core design integrity of your vision.

Our PUR Lifetime Pledge ensures peace of mind. Your choice of pale or vibrant colours will not let you down in high traffic areas and save you up to 60% on cleaning and maintenance.

From classrooms and corridors to faculty lounges and science labs, each area demands its own unique requirements but the need for lasting value is always there.

Altro Suprema is a perfect fit for these areas because our products offer:

  • Long-term durability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Impressive value
  • Safety and hygiene
  • On-trend color palettes

Inherent in everything we do and see, color influences every day life through our productivity, communication and emotion.

Emotions brought about by color can influence a student’s work or study habits. Studies show a direct link between color and feelings, certain colors promoting positive and others negative. The right color helps denote a room’s purpose - relaxation, studying, collaboration, test-taking and more.

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