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17 March 2010

Tomorrow, Thursday 18 March 2010, the ACEA will officially change its name and logo to Consult Australia. Consult Australia will reveal its new logo, branding and website during a high profile Cocktail Function at the Amora Hotel, Sydney, tonight (Wednesday 17 March).

Megan Motto, CEO Consult Australia, states that:”The aim of the association moving forward is to provide a stronger leadership voice for what our members do, which is now so multidisciplinary that to refer to "engineering" alone is misrepresenting their breadth! Very importantly, our members have said to us (quite strongly when you consider the support of the vote) that they want us to represent ALL of their business activities, which of course includes but is not limited to engineering services. We have also had very strong feedback from others including project management, planning and architectural professionals/practices that they would like to get more involved with the association's activities, but that the current name was a bit of a barrier. Some of these offer no engineering services at all.

In the end it was either go something reasonably generic and easy to say/remember or go with something like "The Association of Built and Natural Environment Consultancy Businesses" or, worse still, "The Association of Consulting Engineers, Architects, Planners, Project Managers, Environmental Scientists...." - a bit cumbersome to say the least!”

The name change will hence help to distinguish the organisation as an Industry Association that represents the business needs of all firms delivering professional and technical services to the Built and Natural Environment.

Current members are consulting firms offering services such as consulting engineering, architecture, project management, planning, surveying and environmental consulting.

Over the last 5 years, the ACEA has established itself as one of the strongest and most effective representative Associations amongst its peers in the industry. This has been achieved through the dedicated efforts of the Board, staff and the relevant individuals from its member firms.

The change of name to Consult Australia is designed to build on the success of these efforts and to capitalise on the position and reputation that the ACEA has built up over that time. Consult Australia’s goal is to continue to grow and to be more relevant, credible, forward thinking and modern – a body that will help shape the industry it is recognised as representing in the years to come.

The Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA) was formed over fifty years ago with the express intention of the members of that day being for the organisation to represent the business interests of the individual members and their consulting business enterprises. This was in an era when these businesses were much smaller, owned by their Principals and mainly single discipline ventures focused on delivering engineering services to their clients.

Today, the Association’s members are business enterprises ranging in size and structure from single practitioners through to medium sized firms owned largely by their Principals up to very large, multidisciplinary, global groups owned by their employees or publicly listed companies. Currently the Association represents 270 firms representing over 50,000 staff.

Paul Reed, President of Consult Australia, states:”The change of brand to Consult Australia will allow the Association to continue to grow its membership in both traditional and non-traditional markets, and to consolidate the credibility we have now established as a collaborative and effective representative of the business interests of our member firms. Consult Australia will continue to work towards achieving the best outcomes for its member firms and the community to ensure the development of Australia continues to meet the aspirations of its people.”

Venue: Jamison Amora Hotel, Sydney (behind Wynyard Station) Date & Time: Today, 6.30pm til 9.30pm RSVP for event: Please RSVP to

For all media enquiries please contact Megan Motto, CEO Consult Australia, on 0411 104 458 or email

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